Monday, November 1, 2010

View from the Bus Stop

My God it's been nearly a month. Ooops. Happy November! I took a couple pictures, above is Canterbury Cathedral, and below is just the walk from the bus to Steph's house. I don't remember anything that's happened. That's a bit of a lie, it just takes a lot of thought. Umm going way back, I went home with Steph the weekend of the 15th for her cousin's birthday party and a bit of parent pampering (aka not paying for food). It was actually a perfect time to escape from Canters for a bit--that's the weekend that I've been going home to visit my family every year since I got to IU.

I gave my first in class presentation on a science experiment about whether our visual scanpaths are useful in recalling an image (the article says yes). It seemed to go pretty well...I pulled an awesome and forgot the word "recorded" so I did that thing I do, where I pause in the middle of a sentence and kinda gesture with my hand until someone gets it. One of my group members did. So professional of me. Anyway that event was pretty much the only homework I've had thus far. I have 1 midterm paper, due in 2ish weeks. But I do very little for school. It's a bit unnerving. The psychology lab thing came through--I joined the social lab, called "The Good In Us" and now I'm just supposed to research stories of normal people helping out people from conflicting groups until we can find someone we're able to contact. Again, there are no meetings or anything, Dr. Viki was just like "email me when you find something." Cool.... Last week was Psychology School's reading week, so I had 8 extra hours of life since there was no class. And I didn't do anything remotely related to class. I'm horrid. The week ended with Halloween. I tried to think of a cool, cheap costume, and that didn't happen, so Friday night I went as Rosie the Riveter and people only got it when I said "you know, the poster" and bust out my muscles. Friday night was mediocre anyway though. Saturday I made a mini dress out of my green scarf and went to a house party as Tinkerbell. That was actually great, Oli, Steph and I had fun sitting on a couch being snobby (go IU) before we started a game of truth or dare. I whacked 10 guys on the ass with my wand, and Oli gave a surprisingly good strip tease. Overall though, Halloween here is not nearly as awesome or big as it is in the states--I was warned of this, but I didn't fully comprehend until I experienced it. It was still fun, though.

Outside of academia, I got into a play! It's for the 4th year directing students, so it's short: Saumuel Beckett's "Play" (creative, right). I'm the dirty mistress. There's only 2 other characters (the husband and the wife) and there's a chorus as well, so it's a cast of 6. It's been really cool so far--nice to be involved in theater again, I've missed it.

The only other exciting thing I have to share is my future traveling plans. I'M GOING TO PARIS!!!! For a weekend in November, with Roxanne and Steph. And we may have a free place to stay, in a friend's flat, which would be totally sweet. I've also booked my flight to go visit Melissa in Germany for the first week of winter break. Then I'll have a week to chill before Jillian visits! That's still in the planning process, but we will hopefully be going to Ireland and/or Italy. Score.

That's about it. Not terribly captivating, but I'm loving my life so....yeah :)