Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm Heeeeeerrreeee

SO! I've arrived in England. And now I'm writing on my blog and I feel like a loser for this. I don't even really know how to blog. So here goes.

It's already been 3 days in England! Aaaand travel was pretty easy...mostly....I nearly had a heart attack at the airport when the travel agent woman told me I couldn't check my second bag but turns out there was just a $50 charge (NOT the same as being forbidden from a second bag). Then the plane had a maintenance issue and we had to sit at the gate. Finally took off at 10 pm--1 hour late--and got into Heathrow at 12:05 the following day. Steph and Oli were there with sparkling Caitlyn Schwimmer signs and we made a nice big scene at the terminal pickup :)

The first stop was Steph's so that I could shower (best shower of my life), then we went to a proper English pub for a proper English lunch.

And I ordered my first ever legal drink, a pimm pom (pomegranite pimms). I also got the chicken pot pie with a side of chips (fries). They don't just say "ketchup" here, they bring you a variety of sauces--including mayonnaise--for your fries. I tried a few, it was...interesting.

Thursday night we ordered in enough Chinese to feed England before heading to the Royal Oak where I met Steph's entire town and had more totally legal beverages. Then we came back and crashed for 12 hours. It was glorious.

Yesterday we went to get me a phone (£9.99) before dinner and another pub and less sleep, and today I got a bank account. I'm practically British already!

Getting ready for David (Steph's dad's) birthday barbecue now, then off to Oli's tomorrow. I LOVE ENGLAND. Except driving which is really scary--I'm thrown every time we make a right.

Post again soon I guess...Ta.

-Caitlyn Swimwear (David's new nickname)

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