Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breaking down Break Part I: Germany

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Proud to say I will still be within my once a month range, although January is nearly over with. I've been busy though. I did A LOT in the last month, so I'm breaking down the posts because I don't have the attention span to write everything in one, and I have no idea who would have the attention span to read it. Granted I don't know that anyone reads this blog to begin with, but whatever.

Remember that essay I had? 4000 words in 4 days. I probably shouldn't be proud of that, it was ridiculous to hold it off as late as I did, but I was so swamped those last few weeks of term! Anyway I literally finished the essay and left for Germany. I went to Frankfurt to visit Melissa and Marco.

I truly and honestly do not mean to slam Germany, but I was not a fan. It was new for me to visit a country and not love it. It's just a very different culture compared to what I'm used to, particularly the people and the general vibe. At least in Frankfurt--the locals were extremely reserved and rather cold. I mean no one was rude, when people spoke to me they were polite and nice, but I didn't feel welcome. When I went to France I felt comfortable walking up to Parisians, saying bonjour, and continuing the conversation in English, but in Germany I was wimpy and I let Missy do the talking (and by that I mean order food for me).

As far as site seeing...well there wasn't much because a vast majority of the city had been bombed during WWII. They rebuilt the city center, but it looked fake. I mean straight out of Disney World or something, it was kind of surreal. And the Christmas market amped the effect because of all the gaudy decorations and booths.

So what did I do in Germany? Well we walked around the center and the market, saw the new mall (that actually had very cool modern architecture), and we ate Italian food. I also got to see the would-be cool hostel/pub/young people hangout area, but it was dead because we were so close to Christmas. On the way there I saw a brothel. Super classy, the path to the entrance went under a giant pair of women's legs (complete with stockings and stilettos, obvi). The best part, though, was relaxing, especially after my stressful final week of school--we literally spent the whole of Sunday in Missy's bed watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice. It was heaven. Devouring a giant brownie sundae at a nearby chocolate shop was also pretty heavenly.

I did have a good time, but it wasn't so much visiting Germany as it was visiting Melissa. I don't know that I care to go back again, but I hear Berlin is pretty maybe.

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