Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mural off of Brick Lane
The rest of February remained pretty uneventful. I visited Steph in London during my reading week, which was a blast. We went for breakfast in Leicester Square, saw a psychedelic drug exhibit at a museum in Euston, and shopping at Oxford Circus. We both found knee high black boots. And we raced up the down escalators at a department store, which is one of my favorite activities. We also found sushi in Soho, which we totally splurged on. It was so worth it. We finished the evening by going to see Just Go With It, then returning to Steph's place and watching TV with one of her housemates. The next day we went into Angel and had breakfast with Tom, then walked around Camden market a bit and got some liquid nitrogen ice cream. I got the french toast flavor.

Back at Kent there was varsity day. It's where all the different sports teams compete against Christ Church--it's kind of wannabe American, which was funny. The thing is, varsity is a big deal but only if you are part of it. Aside from hearing cheers from the parkwood pitches, no one on campus seemed remotely bothered about it at all. Jyoti and I tried to make it to the football match, but it was an away game so we couldn't find the pitches. We tried to find the American football instead, but apparently it wasn't on (even though the website said otherwise). We gave up. I went to the Venue for varsity night with Oli and Josh because it was the end of Haynes's ban--hallelujah. We had a good time, and I ran into a few people which was fun.

Steph and Oli are both participating in lent and challenged me to as well. So I've given up chocolate and taking the bus. Oli gave up facebook and lone dairy products and something else I can't remember, and Steph gave up chocolate, diet coke, and men. She almost gave up drinking, but she and I booked a trip to Amsterdam at the beginning of Easter holiday, and it comes before Easter. Obviously we will both be drinking in Amsterdam, it's a freaking party capital.

I went to London again to visit Steph and we went to an even better sushi place in Angel with Hallie and Roxy. Afterwards, Rox lead us to a place that had incredible creme brulee, and after that we went for hookah. Steph and I also strolled along Brick Lane, which is my new favorite London market. It has a bunch of supercool vintage clothing and record stores, as well as pop-up shops that only come around for a couple weeks.
At Cafe Rouge

It's finally been getting sunny! Roxanne and I went into the centre and sat around the patio of Cafe Rouge drinking beer in the sunshine for a good couple hours before going home to get ready for my night out with the cast (I was in another show). The next day Oli, Steph and I grabbed some food from sainsbury and went for a hangover picnic in one of the parks along the river in town, which was beautiful. We spent this weekend in Yateley and went on a nice long walk around a park a couple of towns over with Heather and Jonny.

Now it's nearly April. What else happened this term? I had another two essays due in that I saved for the last minute because I'm smart like that. I got the post-Freud one back, 72! The other one I literally wrote in one night, and I've yet to receive my mark so we'll see. . . Honestly the only thing that kept me all that busy twas doing a show again. The weird thing about this term as that people just aren't going out as much, I mean everyone. I'm at that point where the term is getting busy again--my show just finished (it went really well!) and now we have 2 weeks left and I have 2 more papers. Time's flying

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