Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm 21!!!!!!

At the Cuban with a portion of the group

My 21st was easily the best birthday of my life. I went shopping kind of early because I wanted something new to wear, and ended up getting a dress from H&M. Then Roxanne and I went for breakfast at Tiny Tim's Tea Room. We ended up ditching class and shopping around a bit more. After that I went home and skyped with my mom for a bit, then took my time getting ready for the evening. Rox, Martin, Ima, and his friend Xabel came knocking, bearing gifts and singing happy birthday. They got me kinder chocolate eggs (which we all shared), socks, a necklace, and a tiara. They left, I finished getting ready, and then I went to town to meet Jyoti and Oli for dinner at Cafe Boho.

After dinner was the pub crawl. We started at Wetherspoons. People took a while to show, especially Steph because she was coming in from London just for the night. She brought my gifts--a union jack box with 21 gifts inside. Pretty quickly after her arrival, she and Oli made me close my eyes. They shoved a white tshirt on me, crowned me with the tiara Rox had gotten me, and handcuffed me to Ben. They also gave everyone party hats with Oli's favorite photo of me taped onto them. On the back of the tee they had written 21 challenges. I knocked a few out there, then got handcuffed to someone else (one of the challenges was to remain handcuffed to someone at all times). 

The next stop was the Hobgoblin, where I kissed a man twice my age. Then Lady Luck, which I CRAWLED to (I looked up and saw the entire bar watching me on my hands and knees, with Josh hunched over because he was handcuffed to me but wouldn't crawl). Luckily the handcuffs broke, and it was still pretty early. After Lady Luck we ended up at the Cuban. I was pretty smashed. I ended up crying (I mixed a LOT of different alcohols, and I had around 21 drinks), we left, they took me to subway, I threw up, they made me eat a sandwich, we walked back to Steph's, I skyped my mom, I slid down the stairs on my ass, I passed out and woke up with the worst hangover of my life. AMAZING night. I almost got all of the challenges, but I didn't dance on a bar and I didn't steal a traffic cone--those will both haunt me forever. The funny things is those were two of the tamest challenges on the list. Should I be embarrassed?

Anyway I'll be legal when I go back to the states--finally. It's going to take a lot to outdo that birthday.

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