Thursday, March 10, 2011

Part V: Return to England

Me Oli and Jilli at the match

Jillian and I ended our journey back in England. Oli picked us up from the airport and we had just enough energy to stop at waitrose to pick up ingredients to make sandwiches. We then sat around all afternoon and lounged in the living room.

Oli had invited us to see the Ipswich vs. Arsenal football match--Arsenal is a big deal team, so it was meant to be quite exciting. So me, Jillian, Oli, and his dad ate dinner and headed out in our rain gear. The match was really fun, and we had pretty good seats as well. Soccer football is so much more fun to watch than American football--it was exciting! And they didn't stop the clock every five freaking seconds, so it went quickly. Ipswich even won, go team! I'm glad that I've made it to a football match, it's something I can cross off my list now.
J enjoying (?) her pig f**ker

We made it back to Canterbury on Thursday morning. I took Jillian to the Good Shed for a life changing sandwich, then back to mine for a nap. I gave her a pathetic mini tour of campus and town, then we came back to mine and made a giant batch of mac'n cheese. We were going to stay in and watch a movie, but Roxanne, Ima, Mirek, and Martin stopped by on their way to the center for pig f**kers and convinced us to come along. We were so tired, though, we left by 11 so as to catch the last bus back to campus.

Jillian left Friday morning--my cell alarm didn't go off so she missed the coach we'd booked, but she was able to catch a train that would get her to the airport in time. Sad to see her go, but when we got back to England we'd received an email from the guy we are trying to lease from, and he said the apartment was definitely ours and sent us the papers to sign and everything, so we have a place to live next year, YAY!

I spent the rest of break trying to chill out. Rox, the boys, and I went clubbing, and Sunday everyone else got back to campus. It was not exactly a relaxing break, but it was amazing. And now I have 3 countries crossed off my list!

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